Brand Design
Curators of Ikigai
Curators of Ikigai is a less a coaching and management solution and more a philosophy. I was asked by COI to create a brand which mirrored their approach to a work life balance.
Event Design
Drink Outside The Box
Each year, BLUT Conceptual Audio Design presents a new branding for their ADC party.
Web Design
Evan Williams
I was tasked with creating the German national site for Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon. I worked closely with Borco, the brand itself ,and developers to create a coherent web presence. They required the site to be functional and minimal, but still let the “old-fashioned” nature of the product to shine.
Brand + Web Design
Conceptual Audio Design
BLUT Conceptual Audio Design is one of the foremost agencies working in the area of corporate sound. Working closely with their team, I was asked to develop a brand identity and to implement that brand into a visually impressive and unique website.